Silane Coupling Agent Application

  Silane coupling agents have the ability to form a durable bond between organic and inorganic materials. Encounters between dissimilar materials often involve at least one member that’s siliceous or has surface chemistry with siliceous properties; silicates, aluminates, borates, etc., are the principal components of the earth’s crust. Interfaces involving such materials have become a dynamic area of chemistry in which surfaces have been modified in order to generate desired heterogeneous environments or to incorporate the bulk properties of different phases into a uniform composite structure.

Mechanisms of action on silane coupling agents

  Silane coupling agents improve dispersion during mixing of resins and fillers, and improve the mechanical strength, water and heat resistance, transparency, adhesion and other properties of the composite materials. Silane coupling agents are also highly effective in improving the chemical bonding of heat-cure resins and their compatibility with polymers.